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North Carolina Auto owners with Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Cafegency Insurance serves the entire state of North Carolina with insurance services for all of your automobiles. If you need auto insurance in North Carolina, go with the company who has comprehensive knowledge of insurance policy in the state and strives to meet all the needs of their clients efficiently.

Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements In North Carolina:

The state of North Carolina requires that all registered vehicles have insurance coverage provided by a company that is licensed to do business within the state of North Carolina. No out of state policies are accepted. Your insurance needs to be continuous. This means that as long as your vehicle is registered and tagged in the state, you must not let your policy lapse to remain legal.

The minimum coverage requirements for the state include coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists, and a minimum bodily injury and property damage coverage. These minimums for uninsured motorists may exceed the legal minimum state requirements, but they are still legally required to drive in the state. The basic coverage will protect you, your passengers, and even others in an accident that is your fault. If you want more coverage than the minimum, it is easy to upgrade, and many car loan companies go beyond the state requirements and required full coverage.

North Carolina is known for being strict with the enforcement of their minimum insurance requirements. They require insurance companies to report any lapse in coverage as part of the enforcement. The good news is that their minimum requirements are affordable, and keeping insurance is easy with us at Cafegency Insurance.

Contact us at Cafegency Insurance for an auto insurance quote if you live in North Carolina. We provided comprehensive and easy to purchase insurance options for the entire state. Call us today for a quote or to have any of your auto insurance questions answered.

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